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Why Web Design?

The internet is how people connect and find information. People come here to discover new things. The web is often the first resource people check to vet local businesses or entrepreneurs. It is available and easy to access from anywhere.

You need a solid website in order for many to view you as credible. Many resources are, of course, available to build your own website. The primary drawbacks of doing it yourself are:

  1. Lack of personalized tech support
  2. Simple tasks often confusing
  3. Over-abundance of templates, making it hard to stick out as any different from competitors
  4. Upkeep

There are, also, an abundance of brand-wielding companies who will happily build sites for you. Believe it or not, the above problems still exist to a degree. To offset headaches you require higher paid services.

MoyerAudio +Web starts as a consultation which assesses your goals and needs. Then you are advised on the best platforms, webhosters, and designers. If MoyerAudio can fill all three of those, it will gladly do so. But if another option works better for your needs then that is what MoyerAudio will suggest. Read below for some of the most common scenarios.


If you have an existing website but are frustrated with details or just don't have time to track down necessary changes, MoyerAudio can help you trouble-shoot. Search engines are only helpful when you know what to look for.

Design with third party webhosters

A webhoster is the company (or companies) who run your domain on its servers. When you build a website and register your website name at the same time, the company you register through becomes your hoster, or or hoster liaison.

If you use their company name at the end of yours ("mysite" ) then you are piggybacking off of their domain. They get advertisement and you get a free domain. But you don't own it, and technically they can boot you off any time they please.

You can webhost with MoyerAudio to consolidate your concerns.

Hands on
hands off?

Some clients like to be "hands-on". This means you want to continually update your own website yourself with articles, listings, images, etc. MoyerAudio designs through the platform you work best with. If you have no preference, MoyerAudio can recommend the platform which fits your project.

For clients who would rather stay out of the building and maintenance process completely (hands-off), MoyerAudio can build a site from scratch or utilize your preferred design.

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